BARC participated in Field Day on June 23-24 2001.

Visit N1VUX's BARC Field Day page - it's much fancier than this one!

Field Day Score wrap-up ...

Our claimed scores are ... with 823 QSOs (576 CW + 247 Phone) ...
at Power <= 150W multiplier of 2x ...
2304 pts CW(2x2) + 494 pts Phone (2x1) + 1590 Bonues = 4388 pts total.
This is more than double last year's.

More than half of QSO points were 40CW (397 Qs, 1588 Pts; 57%/QSO, 36%/tot).
More than a third of total points from Bonuses (36%, nearly exactly same as 40CW).

667 Unique Callsigns worked, from 93 sections and at least 5 countries outside US/Canada.

Thanks to Bill McIninch. KA1MOM for these pictures.

Operating on 10 GHz thanks to KC4IWO

10GHz_xmit2.jpg (32100 bytes) 10GHz_xmit1.jpg (31944 bytes) teens_10GHz.jpg (32816 bytes)

Welcome to the BARC Field Day!

banners.jpg (52308 bytes)

info_table.jpg (57313 bytes)

Trying to keep track of what station is on which band/mode - this whiteboard along with N1VUX's poker chip tokens.

cmd_board.jpg (19258 bytes)

A visit from our Vice Director, K1TWF

setup_crew.jpg (53740 bytes)

Assembling and putting up N1IST's triband beam

Mike_beam.jpg (46362 bytes)

beam_raising.jpg (54278 bytes)

Any convenient object becomes an antenna support - in this case for the R7 that went up at 1 AM...

 duct_tape.jpg (33740 bytes)

Lunch time...

lunch.jpg (54977 bytes)

Field day power courtesy of KB1EKN's (actually Hingham's) generator and N1ZKR's power distribution panel and cables.

generator.jpg (59649 bytes)

pwr_dist.jpg (28222 bytes)

Welcome to Satellite City

sat_ant1.jpg (29292 bytes)

sat_ant2.jpg (20934 bytes) sat_tower.jpg (18099 bytes)

sat_station.jpg (43554 bytes)

6 meters and up - the VHF tent

VHF_shack1.jpg (29487 bytes) vhf_uhf_ant.jpg (19588 bytes)

VHF_shack2.jpg (66035 bytes)

VHF_shack3.jpg (58983 bytes)

All bands in a Mercedes

ultimate_mobile.jpg (51094 bytes)

Some of the 3000 visitors :-)

 visitor_group.jpg (57501 bytes)

Thanks to Per Ragnar, LA7DHA for these pictures:

KB1CVH at the VHF tent - 6 and 2M on the ladder; 2 and 70cm on the beam.

6,X2XandX70cmXtentXPeterXKB1CVH.jpg (41277 bytes)

Adjusting the antennas.

AdjustmentXofXtheX2XmeterXantenna.jpg (35930 bytes) AdjustmentXofXtheX2XmeterXantennaX2.jpg (31958 bytes)

A Mosley mini-33 tribander on 20M/15M/10M

FieldXDayXQTH.jpg (31860 bytes)

FieldXDayXQTHX2.jpg (30840 bytes)

SmallX3-bandXHFXantenna.jpg (22376 bytes)

with a B&W folded dipole in the foreground.

HFXantennas.jpg (19703 bytes)

KC4IWO and W1OHM operating HF on a Heath SB102

HeatkitXSB-102XrunXbyXJoeXKC4IWRXandXBillXW1OHM.jpg (30165 bytes)

2 of the 3 HF tents

HFXoperatingXQTH.jpg (45979 bytes)

WX1G pounding brass on 40CW

HFXOperatingXW1BOS,XDaveXWX1G.jpg (25069 bytes)

KC4IWO working on the 10 GHz demo station late Saturday night.

runningX10GHzXwithXJoe,XKC4IWR.jpg (38691 bytes)

More shots from Satellite City - crossed yagis on 2M and 70cm with an AZ-EL rotor

SatelliteXantennaXandXYaesuXRotor.jpg (24436 bytes)

SatelliteXatXFieldXDayXoperatedXbyXRickXN1HID.jpg (51772 bytes)


If you have any pictures that you would like to add, please send them to N1IST